Some new watercolors.

April 18, 2017



DR 41017.jpg





Using Peerless watercolors and ink, These are small working studies, possiblely to be enlarged to full size watercolor paper. I love adding the subtle shadow under the foms so they look like they are floatng slightly above the paper..


Completing a Sketchbook

April 3, 2017

Just finished this book. It was made by my good friend Laura McHugh, from Half Moon BAy. The paper is this great heavy cold press watercolor, textured but smooth.. The cover has collage on an old book cover that she upcycled. The book is about 10″x6″ and containes 18 full color paintings. Here are just three.

BTW I have sold a few complete sketchbooks, if you are interested contact me at Quite a collectors item..

12017 300dpiscan_1000.jpg

4217 last dr 300dpi 1000.jpg32717065 300dpi scan 1000.jpg

New Works on Paper!

March 24, 2017


DR32715, 11″x24″, watercolor and ink. ©2017EPGoldenberg


DR21015, 22″x30″. watercolor and ink,©2017EPGoldenberg



DR22517, 22″x30″, watercolor and ink, ©2017EPGoldenberg

Drawing 51015 22x30 300 2100 .jpg

DR51015, 22″x30″, watercolor and link,©2017EPGoldenberg

These are a few brand new works on paper that have emerged lately. My artistic practice is I draw every morning, getting up at 5am (no alarm, just wake up…) and start while I have my tea. It is very important for me to start this way, I have lots of ideas, my mind is rested and it is quiet.  Later in the day, I start larger pieces, or continue the very long process of adding the color or the black and white stripes. These works represent emotional states, I follow my instincts to do the next shape, the next pattern. Communicating is the role of art in our society and for the past 4 million years we have all had the same feelings.

These pieces seem to be other worlds at times. I have read about parallel universes and am intrigued by the idea.. Could they exist?  My inspiration comes from the micro and macro. I received a book of the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, who was a scientist/artist in the 1800’s who studied microscopic sea creatures.. many of them are so fantastic they look like they are from another world (maybe that parallel universe).


I also study quantum physics which  deals with the macro, the Big Bang Theory, background radiation, gravity.. etc. These ideas and theories are hard to grasp, and I keep trying. Like if there was nothing before the Big Bang, what does that mean? Nothing? even nothing is something..I often listen to audio books while I am working. Keep the left brain very busy..

bacground radiation thermal.jpg

This is an image of background radiation.. which is the energy remnants of the Big Bang!

Three weekends of Shows

November 24, 2007


Tea House #165 8″x48″ encasutic on wood panel

Encaustic on wood panelTea House #165, encaustic on wood panel

I will be at the following show starting Nov 24,25 and Dec 1,2 :

Celebration of Craftswomen, Fort Mason Herbst Pavilion SF Booth #300

Hours 10-5 PM

KPFA Art and Music Fair, Dec 8,9, Concourse, Brannan and 8th SF Booth #48

Hours 10-6 PM

New Blog!

November 24, 2007

Tea House #176 24″x72″ encaustic on wood panelpainting

Hello world!

November 24, 2007

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